Feel an Ainu village living with inherited unique culture.

A village (kotan), where Ainu people actually live. Monuments of deities are placed around the area and there are restaurants, folkcraft shops, and a theater where you can see traditional dance. Enjoy traditional food at Folkcraft café Poronno, and touch the articles with traditional Ainu patterns at Kumanoie to experience the worldview inherited by the Ainu people.

Enjoy traditional Ainu food surrounded by folkcraft articles from the culture of this area at Folkcraft café Poronno. Ever delicious dish is prepared using local ingredients, including fish from Lake Akan and meat and edible wild plants collected by the café’s owner.

The restaurant is decorated with folkcraft articles of the Ainu and pictures of Lake Akan. The lantern light creates a comfortable atmosphere.

The most popular set meal is the Yuku set (1,000 yen). A set of three dishes: Ohau, a soup of venison, Amamu, rice cooked with beans, millet and long-rooted onion, Mefun, salted and fermented dark-colored meat, of which only a small amount can be taken from a salmon.

Guests can freely read the books collected by the owner Goukon, including books on Ainu culture, nature, and gourmet cooking.

Yoshifuru Goukon, the owner. He talks about interesting things that you can hear only in Kushiro, like the traditions of the Ainu, and his experience when he met a bear while traveling in the mountains.

A souvenir shop run by Kohei Fujito, a wood carving artist. He creates not only traditional articles, but also iPhone cases, wristwatches and other items that fit in with the current lifestyle by wood carving.

An impressive piece is placed at the entrance. You will be uplifted the instant you enter the shop.

Mr. Kohei Fujito, the owner. His hobby is running through the mountains on his cherished MTB.

Hair band (800 yen each) made by hand by Mrs. Fujito.

Apron (3,800 yen) with Ainu patterns meant to protect against evil. Robust material is used, so it is suitable not only for daily use, but also for outdoor uses like camping.

民芸喫茶 ポロンノ
Mingeikissa poronno
TEL: 0154-67-2727
Open: 12:00 - 22:00 (12:30 - 21:00 from November to April)
No scheduled holidays

TEL: 0154-67-2503
Open: 9:00 - 22:00
No scheduled holidays


4-7-84, Akanko-onsen, Akan-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido
TEL: 0154-67-2727