This galette that uses the best ingredients is a new must-get souvenir from Taiwan!

Soul mate (398 yuan/ 6 pcs) is a butter galette version of the popular pineapple cake. With the theme “dedication and surprise”, it uses the best ingredients such as pineapple produced in Tainan and Echire butter from France. Although it looks simple, it has a taste that’s a notch above.

They give a sample to each guest.

Large sofas are placed in a roomy space. You can taste your sample without feeling rushed.

This corner was made in the image of a cutting space in a textile shop.

Original pieces of paper are exhibited. They wrap the products with your favorite paper design.

You can select from these three for Soul mate. They are all original designs, including one with a Taiwanese map, one with a pattern like a notebook for practicing Chinese characters, and a lovely picture of a grassland scene.

Stand by me (438 yuan/ 6 pcs), which also uses Echire butter from France. The crispy texture and rich aroma will stimulate your appetite.

But. we love butter

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