For tasting a one-and-only ricemade from the recipe of a rice cooking hermit.

A long-established inexpensive restaurant where fans frequently visit from all over the country for its delicious rice (150 yen). The second-generation owner learned how to cook rice from the founder Tsutomu Murashima, who used to be called the “Rice cooking hermit.” They serve rice in a way where the grains are filled out and the taste is fully developed. The 30 kinds of side dishes (100 - 500 yen) match this flavor the best. The golden-ratio blend of several kinds of Koshihikari-brand rice makes the one-and-only rice that can be tasted only here.

Shijimijiru (corbicula clam miso soup) (200 yen) with this rice. The soup tastes superb with the abundant deliciousness of corbicula clams.

Only fresh fish are purchased from a nearby fish market for Maguro tsukuri (sliced raw tuna) (500 yen). The red meat and oily meat are well-balanced.

Tiled side dishes on the counter. There are all kinds of side dishes including fish, meat, and vegetables. You will find your favorite for sure. Share with a friend to taste a variety.

The 2nd-generation owner, Kaname Ogawa. He learned from the “Rice cooking hermit”, and delivers delicious rice to guests everyday.

Ginshariya Gekotei

1-1-30, Shinzaike-cho-nishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: 072-238-0934
Open: around 8:00 - around 14:00
Closed on Tuesday, and irregularly closed on Wednesday