Try out fresh seafood restaurants one after another at a lively market!

Since it is directly connected to the seafood auction market, about 30 shops in this market deal only in fresh seafood which has just been brought in at the Izumisano fishing port. Not only shops that sell local noted products like gaccho and frog flounder, but there are also restaurants that serve a rice bowl topped with ocean treats and tempura. You can also observe the auction market for brokers from 14:00, except Wednesday and Sunday (please inquire before you go).

A full lineup of seasonal seafood including northern shrimp and congers. The reasonable prices are also satisfying!

Swimming crabs are noted products of Izumisano. You can buy the sweet and rich-tasting crabs fresh.

Atempurarestaurant operating in the lively market recommends freshly deep-fried tempura, which holds the good taste of seafood.

Tempura using high-quality ingredients, including scallops, shrimp, squid, and sand borer.

Gaccho-no-karaage, another local specialty of Senshu. A whole fish is deep-fried to make the crispy texture.

The Open-Air Market by Izumisano Fishermen's Cooperative Association

The Open-Air Market by Izumisano Fishermen's Cooperative Association
2-5187-101, Shin-machi, Izumisano, Osaka
TEL: 072-469-2340
Open: 10:00 - 6:00 PM
Closed: Wednesday