Enjoy “time travel” by relaxing ina Western-style building with a historic atmosphere.

The first Western food restaurant by a Japanese chef was moved and reconstructed as a café in Glover Garden. We recommend the Japanese sponge cake and Dutch coffee set to taste in this retro-modern space. Lightly sweet Japanese sponge cake and coffee slowly extracted in a 24-hour process are an excellent match. Take a seat by the window, where you can view the town and port of Nagasaki to enjoy the relaxed time.

Japanese sponge cake and Dutch coffee set (890 yen). After tasting the Japanese sponge cake with granulated sugar on the bottom, refresh with Dutch coffee with a hint of sourness.

From the window’s excellent vantage point where abundant natural light enters the restaurant, the Glover Garden, the townscape of Nagasaki, and the ocean spreads before your eyes.

Home-made coffee jelly (700 yen) using Dutch coffee. Enjoy the marriage of the jelly’s bittersweet taste and the sweet ice cream and fresh cream.


Within Glover Garden, 8-1, Minamiyamate-machi, Nagasaki
TEL: 095-823-8770
Open: 9:00 - 17:00 (L.O.) (Changes according to the season)
Open throughout the year