A gentle and light taste made by the harmony of noodles, soup, and carefully selected ingredients.

Ramen (Normal size 950 yen), whose taste has not been changed since the restaurant’s establishment in 1950. Japanese-style pork bone soup combines Kurobuta roast pork, thin strips of cabbage, and strong, thin noodles made without salt water to create a classic, unified flavor. The integrated flavor of a cup of noodles made by the long-established restaurant charms you with its light and gentle taste. And Japanese radish pickled with sweetened vinegar always accompanies Kagoshima ramen. They can adjust the hardness of the noodles and the saltiness of the soup as you like.


There are roomy tables and Japanese-style tables on tatami mats on the 2nd floor. You can enjoy ramen comfortably with your family.


11-19, Higashisengoku-cho, Kagoshima
TEL: 099-222-5707
Open: 11:00 - 20:30 (L.O.)
Closed on the third Thursday of each month