Local cuisine of Obi, handed down since the Edo period.

Obi is designated as one of the Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. The restaurant is in the only remaining nagakura, an architectural style of storehouse in which several storehouses are connected in one building. One notable food of common people, traditionally made in this area since the beginning of the Edo period, is Obiten. It is made from white fish paste, tofu, miso, and brown sugar. This nutritionally-rich food has an attractive fluffy texture, and a soft sweetness lingers on the palate. You can taste freshly fried Obiten in the store. Since the flavor sinks in over time, it is also good after it has cooled, and is suitable for taking to-go.

Assorted Obiten (300 yen) includes 3 types of Obiten.

Local Cuisine Obiten - Kura -

9-1-8, Obi, Nichinan
TEL: 0987-25-5717
Open: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Open throughout the year