Taste natural wines and fusion food at the new restaurant of a talented chef.

This is the third restaurant produced by the chef, Taichi Hara, opening after Bistro Rojiura in Shibuya and Path in Yoyogihachiman. While respecting traditional French cuisine, Hara, who is also a travel lover, experimentally fuses essences from around the world in the dishes served for lunch and dinner. They match beautifully with over 100 kinds of natural wines and cocktails developed with Bar Trench in Ebisu.

Steamed splendid alfonsino and Chinese rice porridge, Boiled eggplant, and celeriac râpées(1,800 yen). The ethnic rice porridge flavored with two kinds of herbs from traditional Chinese medicine is the main dish.

The stage at the entrance furnished with professional-level musical equipment. Live events are held irregularly.

Eating at the terrace seats where you can feel comfortable breezes is also recommended.

Natural wines organized in the wine cellar. Colorful labels are attached with notes on matching their flavors with the food.

Try Asian-taste cocktails developed with Bar Trench, too.


4-6-44 3F, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:30-23:00
Closed: The second and fourth Sunday and Monday