Relax and taste a natural gelato under a blue sky.

A silver camping trailer on the roadside of a junction of three roads to Keya. At this slow-paced place, Akio Kitakoga, the owner, makes gelato from locally grown organic ingredients. Taste various flavors such as Amao strawberry and milk, Itoshima-harvested Salt and Tiramisu under a blue sky.

The colorful flavors in the showcase are mesmerizing. Mr. Kitakoga, the owner, is also involved in planning the miscellaneous goods. He opened the shop because he wanted to produce something that anybody from young to elderly can enjoy eating.

Green soy beanand Amao strawberry and milk(490 yen including tax for two flavors). These flavors are the most popular among the many items in the lineup.

Bottled-types of gelato are also provided for people from far-away places who would have difficultly coming in person. The picture shows MilkandRed wine(1,900 yen~ each).

Loiter Market

94-3, Shimakeya, Itoshima, Fukuoka
TEL: 090-5298-3851
Open: 12:00 - 17:00 (- 11:00 on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)
Closed: On a day of thunderstorms or strong winds