Enjoy the fresh seafood loved by fishermen to your heart’s content.

A restaurant near the fishing port of Hamahiga Island created “kani-mozuku tempura” to give people the hearty taste of seafood in mozuku seaweed and swimming crabs deep-fried with onion and carrot. Also try different flavors by dipping it in koregusu (Okinawan chili sauce) or soy sauce.

“Kani-mozuku tempura” (380 yen) in its crispy flour batter coating has a flavorful harmony of crab meat and vegetables. Have a bite and feel the taste of the sea spread in your mouth.

A popular restaurant in Uruma City which offers fishermen’s favorites. You can see the view of the fishing port and feel at home while having your meal.


72-2, Katsurenhama, Urumashi, Okinawa
Open: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Open throughout the year