A villa on the beach with a wide view of blue ocean outside the window.

A villa-style hotel opened in the summer of 2019. A unique facade is impressive with the roof inspired by the shape of shells found in Amami harmonizing with the modern concrete walls. Inside is a minimal space without any extraneous features, in contrast to a ceiling that looks like that of a traditional Amami warehouse. It is just one step to the beach from the large window facing the ocean. Spending time in an uninhibited outdoor space gives you an extraordinary feeling.

The scenery seen from the window is only the ocean and mountains. Here, you are always in sight of the truly Amami nature that heals our daily fatigue.

Enjoy the slow island time while gazing out at the ocean.

The window’s view of the beautiful scenery stands out by removing unnecessary interior decoration. Just watching the ocean becomes a luxurious experience.

When you are tired from swimming in the sea, rest in a hammock set at the terrace.

Denpaku The Beachfront MIJORA

861-4, Midoriya, Sotokayeku, Kasari-cho, Amami, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-63-1910 (Within Denpaku Hotel)
13 rooms, 48,000 yen~/ night (including tax), 2 persons/ room (with breakfast)