A representative local cuisine of Amami is arranged into a modern dish.

A “soul food” of Amami, Chicken rice (1,000 yen including tax). The founder re-arranged the traditional chicken rice, which is typically rice boiled with ingredients, with the addition of a chicken soup in 1946. The essence of the whole locally-raised hen is condensed in the soup. You eat it by pouring it on rice topped with the other ingredients, including the soft-textured chicken meat. The aroma of locally-produced citrus peel used in the topping adds a fresh flavor.

The large room is filled with customers as soon as it opens. It used to be an inn, but since it started serving the noted keihan, it became a specialty shop.

A wooden chicken-shaped sign. The rice is served in an ohitsu, Japanese-style rice container, and the soup is served in an iron pot. The customers dish it up themselves.


81, Sotoganeku, Kasari-cho, Amami, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-63-0023
Open: 11:00 - around 15:00 (Closed when all dishes are sold out.)
No scheduled holidays