Sendai’s specialty made from green soybeans with a strong aroma and sweetness.

Zunda-mochi, a rice cake with sweet green soybean paste, is one of the Sendai’s specialties. This long-established store has been making Zunda-mochi ever since 1877. An old Kana reading is traditionally used as the long-standing name “Zunda” in this food’s name. They remove the skin of green soybeans carefully, one-by-one, to create a smooth texture. In order to make the most of the strong aroma and sweetness of the beans, they are simply seasoned with just sugar and salt. Flavorful bean paste and the smooth texture of mochi are the perfect match. You can eat Zunda-mochi in the cafe space of the store, or buy some for souvenirs.

The three-color rice cake set (691 yen) includes walnut and sesame rice cakes along with the Zunda-mochi. Try this dish which is only available in the cafe space and enjoy three types of mochi.

Besides Zunda-mochi, daifuku (rice cakes filled with sweet red bean paste) and dumplings are also available. Based on the store’s long history, a large variety of rice cakes are listed on the menu.

Murakamiya Mochiten

2-38, Kitame-machi, Aoba-ku, Sendai
TEL: 022-222-6687
Open: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM, - 6:15 PM (Friday, Saturday)
Closed: No scheduled holidays