A roasted, meat-wrapped rice ball, a typical casual gourmet dish in Miyazaki.

Nikumaki onigiri (meat-wrapped rice ball) has its roots in the meal served for staff at an izakaya that Ganso Nikumaki Honpo’s founder used to run. It is known all over Japan as a casual gourmet treat, which is often eaten after a night of drinking in Miyazaki. Pork produced in Kyushu, marinated in a soy-based sauce overnight, is wrapped around a sesame-mixed rice ball and then slow-roasted.

Nikumaki onigiri (330 yen/ piece) A hearty dish at 150 grams per piece, and there are various menu options such as a cheese topping. They are roasted in an oven, and the flavor spreads wonderfully inside your mouth.

Ganso Nikumaki Honpo, Ichibangai shop

3-8-9, Tachibanadori-nishi, Miyazaki
TEL: 0985-20-2900
Open: 18:00 - 3:00, 12:00 - 24:00 (Sunday and national holidays)
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