A selection of handmade articles from various parts of Kyushu strive to suit your daily life and create an attachment with their user.

This shop introduces handiworks, including the tableware of folkcraft from all over Kyushu such as Noharaya of Kagoshima and Ontayaki of Oita. Since only the articles the owner uses regularly are showcased, they are not only good in appearance, but the feel when you drink from it or touch it are excellent, and they fit in easily with daily life. You can enjoy shopping while drinking slow-dripped coffee prepared by hand using deep-roasted beans from a coffee shop nearby.

The groceries are mainly organic products made with pride by their producers, such as an additive-free Habanero sauce.

The simple and gentle form of the hand-blown glass is lovely.

Yomitanzanyaki Kitagama is a well-known pottery of Yachimun Pottery Village in Okinawa. Its unique coloring is not too vivid, and it has a simple beauty.

Keisuke Yanagida, the owner. He started OGINNA in 2013 after being charmed by handiworks, including pottery. The coffee you can taste inside the shop is prepared by manual drip after an order is placed.

They use beans from Coffee Izumi in Koorimoto for Coffee (300 yen). The beans roasted in small amount in a small pot minimize odd tastes, and rich flavor of the coffee spreads in your mouth.

Dishes from as many as about 20 pottery studios are selected. Since all of these dishes are actually used by Mr. Yanagida, you can be assured that they work together in a miracle of harmony.

Paper box (8,000 yen~) of STACK CONTAINERS, which makes hand-made paper containers in Kagoshima. The box is made of strong paper colored with persimmon tannin and coated with wax. Its expression changes and becomes more and more tasteful over time.

Kaori Sasaki, who has previously been a trainee at Yomitanzanyaki Kitagama, makes pottery at her own studio, Noharaya, in Kagoshima. Cup and saucer (2,700 yen). The strong but simple feel and texture, which was created in the image of Kurosatsuma pottery, is attractive.


3-8-13, Korimoto, Kagoshima
TEL: 099-296-1227
Open: 11:30 - 19:00 or 11:30 - 17:00 (The opening hour changes depending on the day of the week.)
No scheduled holidays