Go for a drive with Okinawan On-the-way gourmet.

A popular store which boldly arranges one of the soul foods of Okinawa, rice balls with savory SPAM, thin omelet, and seaweed. There are several varieties of rice balls from standard options, such as pickled mustard leaves and kelp, to original creative ones, such as fried pork. The customers’ favorite that is unique to Okinawa is the “rice ball with bitter melon tempura, pork, and egg”. Dried bonito flake topping makes it taste like real goya-champuru (a dish of bitter melon stir-fried with pork, tofu, and other vegetables).

“Rice ball with bitter melon tempura, pork, and egg” (390 yen). Look how generously bitter melon is used as well as pork and a thin layer of omelet.

The store is located near Makishi Public Market. You can see the staff cooking in the open kitchen. Rice balls are made right after being ordered so the customers can always eat them hot and fresh.

Pork Tamago Onigiri Honten

2-8-35, Matsuo, Naha, Okinawa
Open: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Closed: Wednesday