The vision of the owner is realized in these gelatos,which are not only delicious but also gentle on your body.

The owner of a long-established fruit shop, Masahide Kawazoe, started to offer gelatos 22 years ago, so that children can casually enjoy fruit. The gelatos, made of seasonal fruit and milk from the Kirishima Highland, bring out the maximum flavor of the fruit and are low in calories. There are always 14 flavors available including ingredients from Kagoshima like citrus tankan and purple sweet potato. Compare 2 tastes with the 2 disher.

You can select two flavors with 2 disher (320 yen). The popular Purple sweet potato is a regular menu item provided throughout the year. Other than that, there are various flavors in each season like passion mango in summer, marron glacés in autumn, and citrus tankan and kumquat in winter.

Fruit parfait (964 yen) As many as 12 kinds of fruit, and strawberry and vanilla flavor gelato are in the dish.

They cut the fruit fresh after receiving the order for a fruit parfait.

One third of an apple is used in the Apple pie (378 yen). The crispy textures of the pie and the apple are captivating.

Masahide Kawazoe, the owner, spends busy days running both a fruit shop and a gelato specialty store.

In the annexed fruit shop, fresh fruits purchased from farmers in Kagoshima are displayed, such as Sakurajima small mandarin oranges, a special product of Kagoshima.

Fruits&Gelato Sakurajima

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