Fine dining in a space with modern design, prepared spontaneously by a master of culinary arts.

A Japanese restaurant whose most popular selection is the tasting course prepared by the master chef who developed his skills at a well-known restaurant. Try the tasting course meal of carefully cooked seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood in a modern, minimalist concrete-based space. A Japanese spiny lobster dish is one of the highlights. It is a dish featured in course menus of 8,640 yen or above. The sweet and firm meat is heartily arranged on the shell. Since there is a limited season for spiny lobster, you can eat this dish only from September to the end of December. Many people visit from outside the prefecture for this limited-time dining experience.


Tokiwa 24 Bldg., 1F, 3-2-21, Tachibanadori-higashi, Miyazaki
TEL: 0985-28-4463
Open: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Closed: No scheduled holidays