Kamaage Udon, a harmony of noodles, soup, and spices.

A restaurant specializing in Kamage Udon , founded in 1966. Freshly-boiled, homemade, hand-cut udon noodles are accompanied by a dipping sauce. This restaurant is a pioneer in Kamaage Udon, a dish said to have been created in Miyazaki. The base of the dipping sauce is Konbu kelp from Hokkaido with soy sauce produced in Miyazaki. The bits of fried tempura batter used as a topping soaks up oil as much as possible to create a robust taste. The Kamaage Udon, in which the noodles, the soup, and the spices harmonize perfectly is a gem you can only eat here. Legendary baseball players and many gastronomes frequent this restaurant.

Two options: Namimori (normal size) (600 yen) and Omori (super size) (800 yen). Aged noodles have a springy texture, and the kelp’s flavor in the soup makes the overall taste better. The Kamaage Udon made with carefully selected ingredients, even the bits of fried tempura batter, will make you addicted. At this restaurant, they recommend that people to put the remaining dipping sauce into the soup and drink it after the noodles are gone, because the sauce is so delicious.


8-19, Kawaramachi, Miyazaki
TEL: 0985-24-7367
Open: 11:00 - 18:45 (Closed when all dishes are sold out.)
Closed: Friday