An established vaudeville venue handing down the iki spirit and humanity of Edo.

The traditional wooden building standing in mid-Shinjuku is kept as it was rebuilt in 1946, with a stage like a Japanese tatami room and royal boxes at the same height as the speakers. Really good rakugo storytellers, manzai comedians, kodan storytellers, and acrobats provide laughter every day. Why not stop by to casually enjoy traditional entertainment from Edo?

The taste that gives us a feeling of the past remains here and there in this old wooden storytellers' hall.

Not only the experienced storytellers who often appear on TV, but also young rakugostorytellers and acrobats who make us laugh with their special arts appear almost every day.

A young and spirited rakugostoryteller who debuted in May 2019, Koito Takigawa. “Please experience storytelling in which you can feel the ikispirit loved by Edo people!”

A schedule sheet distributed at kido(the entrance of a playhouse).


3-6-12, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Open: Day time: 12:00-16:30/ Night time: 17:00-21:00 (Midnight: 21:30-23:00 only on Saturday)
Open throughout the year