A private shop showcasing the personality of the owner.

Original clothes using natural materials such as organic cotton and sundry goods based on surf culture coexist in this select shop. It’s a laid-back space where they play comfortable music and serve an original blend of coffee (300 yen) roasted by Hamasaki. The overall vibe is one of casual comfort, as if you were invited to the private house of the owner, Shoji Yasuda.

Mr. Shoji Yasuda, the owner. He moved his base from Osaka to Miyazaki in 2010, and opened S&Y WORK SHOP. Yasuda is a surfer who visits the sea several times a week. The types of surf boards and wet suits he usually uses are also sold at the shop.

T-shirts and hoodies made with organic cotton and hemp have a pleasant feel, and are manufactured using indigo dyeing and other natural processes. A carefully designed piece fits the body from the moment it is put on.

A T-shirt made with a blend of hemp and cotton, which has special feel and texture, colored by a mud dyeing process (11,664 yen).

Chopstick rest (864 yen/each) made of recycled resin used for surf boards. Its uniquely marbled pattern is beautiful. Each piece is hand made.

Specially-ordered mug (3,186 yen~/each) made by a Nichinan city based-potter, Hisashi Sakimura. Their sizes are arranged so that they can be used comfortably every day.


2810-2, Ko, Oaza Gunjibun, Miyazaki
TEL: 0985-56-7207
Open: 12:00 PM - 20:00
Closed: No scheduled holidays