A relaxing space with a warm atmosphere where you can travel as if you live there.

A roadside hotel renovated from an old spa inn. It includes three guest rooms styled with a European countryside concept. Each area was made by the owner, Takaya Kanma. Through TAGIRI DINING, which serves locally produced foods, and a souvenir shop which collaborates with creators living in Miyazaki, experience travel like you live there.

Standing alone along the road, which somehow creates a relaxed atmosphere. The path through the forest in the back will lead you to the ocean, which is like a private beach.In the connected dining room, you can savor foods made with locally produced vegetables which are organic or grown with reduced amounts of agricultural chemicals. Relaxing on the furniture designed and built by the owner, you can enjoy original treats like homemade bacon and sausage.

Natural hot springs contain abundant minerals. You can heal the fatigue of travel and fully enjoy scenic views of nature through the windows.

Soft towels, and organic shampoos and body washes are available.

A souvenir shop selling original goods used at the hotel as well as sundry goods and clothes which reflects the hotel’s worldview. Products for spending daily life comfortably, including organic T-shirts and candles, are on display.


152, Ichiki, Kushima
TEL: 0987-77-0238
3 rooms, 5,940 yen~/ night, 2 persons/ room
Closed: Tuesday