An evolved “soul food” of Amami is a perfect pairing of delicious noodles with the soup for chicken rice.

Aburasomen noodles (700 yen including tax) are popular in the Amami area as a dish in the “home cooking” style. At this restaurant, established 28 years ago, they add their original soup for chicken rice to somen noodles to create a pleasantly mild flavor. It’s a filling dish with lots of ingredients such as pork rib, onion, mushroom, and carrot. A subtle flavor of small roasted dried sardines adds depth to the taste.

Amamikeihanramen (750 yen including tax). They simmer a whole chicken for more than 8 hours to make this light but deeply flavored soup. Appetizing smooth noodles and roast chicken are finished off with a bit of sesame oil when served.

This restaurant is also popular as an izakayatavern at night. You can also taste fresh chicken sashimiin addition to Amami Oshima’s local seafood.


12-6, Nazeitsubu-cho, Amami, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-53-6515
Open: 11:00 - 23:00
Open throughout the year