Found in Japan’s rice-producing center: A gourmet arrangement of rice!

In Niigata, which is famous as the top rice-producing region in Japan, a wide selection of unique dishes that use rice and local flavors are available. A bowl of abundant northern shrimp and rice, a sweet made of rice powder, which is a familiar treat for Niigata’s people, rice dumplings, and other dishes will surely make you feel “Rice is always delicious!” once you taste them.

Have more than a mouthful!Giant-sized portions.

A shop specializing in rice balls using a blend of Niigata’s famous rice and Koshihikari-brand rice produced in Shiozawa. Both the Bakudan size (a “bomb”, about 0.18 l), and Shobakudan size (a “small bomb”, about 0.9 l) are wrapped in high-grade nori (roasted seaweed). There are 10 or more kinds of fillings. Benijakehogushi (red salmon) is the most popular (Shobakudan 350 yen, Bakudan 650 yen). It is assembled by hand and has a substantial amount of carefully grilled, rich-tasting red salmon.

CoCoLo Nishikan 3F, 1-96-47, Hanazono, Chuo-ku, Niigata
TEL: 025-240-7090
Open: 09:00 - 21:00
Open throughout the year
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A local specialty of Niigata, Tarekatsudon,loved since the early Showa period.

This is the originator of a standard “soul food” of Niigata, Tarekatsudon. Katsudon (1,050 yen) is a bowl of breaded, fried pork cutlets and rice. The cutlets are dipped in a secret soy-based sauce that is never allowed to be taken out of the restaurant. As many as 5 cutlets in one bowl are thinly breaded and quickly deep-fried, so the taste is very light and you can easily eat your fill. The taste becomes softer with a bit of tangy mustard.

6-973, Furumachi-dori, Chuoku, Niigata
TEL: 025-222-0097
Open: 11:30 - 14:30, 17:00 - 20:00
The third Wednesday and Thursday of the month
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Springy dumplings and crisp ingredientscreates a unique contrast of textures

Kinpiradango is burdock root and carrots flavored with soy sauce, sake, and sugar that is wrapped in a rice cake. It is said to have been born as a snack for field workers. It is still a popular snack in Niigata. The sweet and salty taste of kinpira and the gentle rice sweetness of the dumplings creates a delicious harmony.

Tanakayahonten Cocolo Honkanten
1-1-1, Hanazono, Chuo-ku, Niigata
TEL: 025-243-7253
Open: 09:00 - 20:30
Open throughout the year
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Be allured by the rich and springy tasteof northern shrimp♡

Northern shrimp are also called red pepper shrimp, since the vivid red color looks like red pepper. Plenty of northern shrimp caught off the coast of Sado cover the vinegared Koshihikari rice in Nanbanebidon (2,300 yen). Rich sweetness and a springy texture fill your mouth. It is a hearty set meal with a cup-steamed savory egg custard and other small dishes. The fish sauce made from shrimp enhances the flavor, and increases your appetite.

Sushi Kappou Ijima
2-16-13, Matsuhamahoncho, Kitaku, Niigata
TEL: 025-259-5678 (Reservation is desirable.)
Open: 11:30 - 13:30, 16:30 - 21:30
Wednesday and other non-scheduled holidays
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Seasonal fruit and vegetables are kneadedintorice-flour chiffon cakes.

Rice-flour chiffon cakes (270 yen/ piece), baked additive-free with rice flour produced in Niigata, are gentle on your body. The shop owner, Sachiko Suzuki, used to sell them at her friend’s cold-press juice shop. They received a good reputation, so she opened this shop. The ingredients are only seasonal fruits and additive-free vegetables, which are purchased from a contracted farmer. There are always five or more kinds of chiffon cakes with these seasonal ingredients. Only rice flour is used, and the texture is soft and smooth.

8-2-15, Yamakido, Higashiku, Niigata
TEL: 025-270-1303
Open: 11:30 - 18:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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A taste of Niigata made by traditional methods with ingredients produced in the prefectureis realized through the careful work of craftsmen.

Sasadango (162 yen/ piece) made the traditional way by a rice-cake shop established in the 16th year of Meiji (1883). Koshihikari and Koganemochi brand rice are ground in a stone mill, and blended with mugwort leaves produced in the prefecture. Then, the dumplings are steamed while wrapped in Veitch's bamboo leaves from the base of Mt. Asahidake to create the flavorful and springy taste.

4-739, Nishihorimae-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata
TEL: 025-222-9822
Open: 08:00 - 18:00
No scheduled holidays
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