Eat eastern Hokkaido gourmet foods – the bounty of the northern land!

A rare hamburger sold at a must-stop rest area, fish dishes served lakeside, and exquisite ice cream using fresh milk will flavor your trip amid the magnificent scenery. Don’t forget the famous gourmet fare from Kushiro before you return to the airport!

A classic soul food of Kushiro that you can eat hot to the last mouthful.

Supakatsu (980 yen), which is known as a soul food of Kushiro, started at this restaurant established in 1959. Deep-fried locally-produced pork, a robust meat sauce made by several days of simmering, and springy specially-made spaghetti are served on an iron plate directly heated by an open fire. The founder came up with this menu item so that guests can eat it when it is still hot, even in Kushiro’s cold weather. You can eat it steaming hot to the last mouthful. Crispy noodles browned on the iron plate are also a tasty treat!

Restaurant Izumiyahonten
2-28, Suehiro-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido
TEL: 0154-24-4611
Open: 11:00 - 21:00 (L.O.)
No scheduled holidays (Once in a month, on Tuesday)
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Fresh seafood brought directly from Kushiro Port are boldly and brilliantly arranged on a bowl of rice.

Fresh seafood which has just landed at the fishing port in front of the restaurant is lavishly used for Tokujo-kaisendon (finest seafood and rice) (1,950 yen). 10 kinds of seafood are served, including sea urchin, red caviar, tuna, sardines, white-meat fish, and other ocean treats that change depending on what fish are purchased that day. All of them are cut in large pieces, and satisfying. You can enjoy the same Kaisendon at the affiliated restaurant Sennosuke Honten, which opened in Kushiro.

Kushiro Suisan Center 1F, 3-18, Hamacho, Kushiro, Hokkaido
TEL: 0154-25-1117
Open: 7:00 - 15:00
Sunday and national holidays

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Gentle tasting, hand-made ice cream made from the bounty of the land.

The preservative-free ice cream is made from fresh milk from dairy cows raised on the crystal-clear spring waters that flow underground from Lake Mashu. You can enjoy two flavors with the Double (390 yen). We selected the sweet and refreshing Mashu blue and Mashu melon made of locally-grown melons.

2-8-6, Mashu, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami, Hokkaido
TEL: 015-482-6500
Open: 9:00 - 18:00 (9:00 - 17:00 from October to April)
Closed on Thursday
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A dish that you can eat only in the Doto area, a hamburger made from Japanese deer meat.

Ezoshika burger (450 yen). High-protein and low-calorie Japanese deer leg is used in the patty. A special demiglace sauce made by stewing several vegetables, and fresh vegetables, such as locally-produced greens and tomato slices, complete the sandwich. The soft buns are specially ordered from a popular bakery in Kushiro, Pan Marche. Lavishly using the best ingredients, it tastes healthy without a gamey smell.

Michinoeki Mashuonsen
3-5-5, Yunoshima, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami, Hokkaido
TEL: 015-482-2500
Open: 8:00 - 18:00 (9:00 - 17:00 from November to April)
Open throughout the year
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A creative menu from an established restaurant, which forms soba noodles to resemble the shape of sushi.

Sobazushi (700 yen) was created after about 2 years of trial and error by the third-generation owner of this long-established store. (It opened in 1874.) Chlorella algae is kneaded into soba noodles, pickled in sweetened vinegar, and wrapped in roasted nori seaweed. Ginger is used instead of wasabi. When you dip it in the home-made sauce and eat it, the aroma of soba really stands out. Served in Japanese-style stacked boxes.

Chikuroen Azumayasohonten
Chikuroen Azumayasohonten
3-19, Kashiwagi-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido
TEL: 0154-41-6291
Open: 11:00 - 18:00
Closed on Tuesday
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Crispy fried pond smelts are arranged on a donburi bowl.

The restaurant’s motto is “delicious and reasonable” local cuisine loved by local people. Wakasagi-tendon (750 yen) has been served since its establishment in 1965. Fresh pond smelts bred in Lake Akan are freshly fried to order. They are arranged on top of rice with a light tempura sauce. Aromatic Welsh onion complements the taste.

Kyodoryori Nabekyu
Kyodoryori Nabekyu
4-4-1, Akanko-onsen, Akan-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido
TEL: 0154-67-2607
Open: 11:00 - 15:00
No scheduled holidays
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