One Day Tripper

Impressed by untouched nature. A comfortable summer trip in eastern Hokkaido.

In Hokkaido, the eastern area is a place where an abundance of nature remains. There is the World Heritage site Shiretoko, the Kushiro Marshland, and other areas where you can see rare animals and plants. Because the vegetation differs from that of mainland Japan, every view, including the mountains, rivers, and driving routes, look fresh.

A clear, mysterious, cobalt blue pond.

This pond is named Kaminokoike (the god’s child pond) after the legend that it is spring water from water that seeps underground from Lake Mashu, which has a different name meaning “the god’s lake” in Ainu. Since the water transparency is high, the 5m-deep bottom of the pond can be clearly seen. Sunlight reflects on the white volcanic ash on the bottom and makes it a beautiful cobalt blue. The water temperature is about 8 degrees centigrade throughout the year. The fallen trees lying there without rotting also look mysterious.

Kiyoizumi, Kiyosato-cho, Shari, Hokkaido
TEL: 0152-25-4111 (Kiyosato Tourism Association)
Open hour: open all the time
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Enjoy French food that uses local ingredients while viewing the exquisite scenery.

Auberge by Lake Kussharo. You can taste casual French food mainly using local ingredients at the calm log house. Outside the window is a garden where wild deer visit, beautifully illuminated by sunlight. The location also complements the dishes. There are 3 kinds of lunch courses. You can choose a main dish from fish or meat grilled on an iron plate with the popular Nitay.

SoRa Tsuruga Auberge in Lake Kussharo
269, Kussharo, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami, Hokkaido
Open: 11:00 - 14:00 L.O., 18:00 - 20:00 L.O. (Reservation required for dinner)
No scheduled holidays (Closed from November to late April)
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An original footbath made by digging a hole in the sand. Bathe while viewing Lake Kussharo.

Sunayu by Lake Kussharo is a hot spring that slowly gushes out by digging in the sand. You can spend a relaxing time bathing in your own footbath while viewing the beautiful lake. Feel free to stop by, since you can rent a scoop at a nearby rest house (300 yen) and wash your feet at a pre-built footbath before you leave. Whooper swans migrate in and rest around here in the latter half of October.

Sunayu at Lake Kussharo
Sunayu, Kussharokohan, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami, Hokkaido
TEL: 015-482-2200 (Lake Mashu Tourist Association)
Open hours: open all the time
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Have a fantastic time floating on the water’s surface, looking up at the night sky.

Canoe tour (16,200 yen/ person) hosted by Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind in Tsurui Village. A canoe slowly advances on the water surface, which reflects a starry sky like the Milky Way. The calls of owls, deer and other wild animals, and rustling tree leaves makes the silent scenery more fantastic. The venue varies from time to time, but it takes place within the Kushiro and Akan areas. Makoto Ando, the owner and an excellent nature guide, selects the best location for that time of year.

Starry sky canoe tour by Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind
14 North, Setsurigenya, Torii-mura, Akan, Hokkaido (The tour is held in Kushiro and Akan areas.)
TEL: 0154-64-2956 (Reservation required)
Period: Mid-June to October
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A trip on a boat to be united with Mother Nature that you can experience only in Akan.

Sightseeing boat that tours the picturesque places of Lake Akan. The splendor of Mother Nature in Akan includes the beautiful Mt. Oakan rising on the eastern side. You can view it from the line of sight of the local waterfowl and you may even meet wild animals running around the island. The boat stops at the Marimo exhibition and observation center on Churui Island to see balls of marimo algae which are more than 30cm in diameter.

1-5-20, Akanko-onsen, Akan-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido
TEL: 0154-67-2511
Open: 6:00 - 17:00 (May - November. The time varies depending on the season.)
Open throughout the year during the opening period (Closed during winter).
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Feel an Ainu village living with inherited unique culture.

A village (kotan), where Ainu people actually live. Monuments of deities are placed around the area and there are restaurants, folkcraft shops, and a theater where you can see traditional dance. Enjoy traditional food at Folkcraft café Poronno, and touch the articles with traditional Ainu patterns at Kumanoie to experience the worldview inherited by the Ainu people.

4-7-84, Akanko-onsen, Akan-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido
TEL: 0154-67-2727
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