One Day Tripper

Take a trip to feel nature and island life in Amami.

The wisdom and culture of the ancestors, who lived in tune with nature, are alive in these islands of Amami. Such blessings are cherished and handed down while still changing through the years. As is the norm in Amami, there is a sustainable harmony between nature and the ways of the people who live there.

This dyehouse inherits the traditional craftsmanship of Amami Oshima.

Oshima Tsumugi is said to be one of the best textiles in the world. This dyehouse uses the mud dyeing process to create representative handiworks of Amami Oshima. You can experience mud dyeing, Indian hawthorn dyeing, and indigo dyeing with craftsmen (3,000 yen~ including tax). You can also dye your clothes so that you can feel the long-inherited craftsmanship close to you. At the annexed gallery space, original designs of shirts and towels are displayed.

Kanai Kougei
2205-1, Toguchi, Tatsugo-cho, Oshima, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-62-3428 (reservation required)
Open: 10:00 - 17:00 (Dyeing experience provided 10:00 - 13:00 -)
Closed: Sunday, the year-end and New Year holidays, the Bon holidays
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Additive-free chocolate with a natural sweetness

A chocolate specialty store within Oshima Tsumugimura. Their chocolate is made “bean-to-bar”. From roasting cacao beans to molding, the whole process is done within the studio, using muscovado and granulated sugar from sugarcane grown on the island. The texture becomes smooth and the flavor becomes gentle by a slow finishing process. The packages are designed with traditional patterns of Oshima Tsumugi so they make great souvenirs!

Within Oshima Tsumugimura, 1945, Akaogi, Tatsugo-cho, Oshima, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-62-3100
Open: 9:00-17:00
Open throughout the year
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A villa on the beach with a wide view of blue ocean outside the window.

A villa-style hotel opened in the summer of 2019. A unique facade is impressive with the roof inspired by the shape of shells found in Amami harmonizing with the modern concrete walls. Inside is a minimal space without any extraneous features, in contrast to a ceiling that looks like that of a traditional Amami warehouse. It is just one step to the beach from the large window facing the ocean. Spending time in an uninhibited outdoor space gives you an extraordinary feeling.

Denpaku The Beachfront MIJORA
861-4, Midoriya, Sotokayeku, Kasari-cho, Amami, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-63-1910 (Within Denpaku Hotel)
13 rooms, 48,000 yen~/ night (including tax), 2 persons/ room (with breakfast)
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Mysterious moments playing folk songs on a silent beach.

Uta-ashibi experience (3,000 yen per person, tax included) starts around sunset on the beach of a village in the southeast part of the island. Local singers gather with sanshin three-stringed musical instruments and chijin drums in their hands, and the island’s folk songs, shimauta, are played with Tobira Island in the background. Surrounding a bonfire made with driftwood and singing shimauta, you can feel like you are one of the shimanchu, people living in Amami.

Island Music Experience at Horashaya
38, Oaza-Yakugachi, Sumiyo-cho, Amami, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-69-5081 (NPO Sumiyo Yamuraland Office)
Open: 9:00 - 24:00
No scheduled holidays
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Let’s go to an isolated island to find classic scenes of nostalgia and beauty.

A short trip to Kakeroma Island, which is located directly south of Amami Oshima, by ferry. Stroll through the complicated alleys in Sukomo Village, see the banyan tree in Osai, which was a notable filming location, walk among a stand of more than 300 year-old Erythrina trees. You can find rustic spots that have not changed since olden times everywhere. You can have a luxurious time by just seeing these scenes full of the treasures of Mother Nature.

Kakeroma Island
Setouchi-cho, Oshima, Kagoshima
TEL: 0997-72-1199
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Round woodworks that make you feel like holding them in your hand.

Using naturally-grown trees in Amami Oshima such as banyan, acorn, and Indian lilac, woodwork artist Tomoyuki Imada makes dishes and flower vases at this atelier and shop. He considers nodes and cracks that appear while shaving the wood as characteristics, and uses them as accents. Therefore, each piece is a one-of-a-kind item. The round and charming forms add color to a space, even on their own.

woodworks CUE
25-7, Nazewako-cho, Amami, Kagoshima
TEL: 090-7455-4395
Open: 12:00 - 18:00
No scheduled holidays

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