One Day Tripper

Nichinan-kaigan Coast, a two-day, one night road trip in Miyazaki.

While you are driving a car from the airport to the south, tropical plants such as straight and tall palm trees and sago palms come into your view.
National Route 220 traces the coast, offering a driving course with great views.
There are several places exemplary of the spiritual power of Miyazaki, the home of deities, dotted here and there near the coast.
If you’re seeking for an energy boost this season, charge your power this winter in Miyazaki.

A private shop showcasing the personality of the owner.

Original clothes using natural materials such as organic cotton and sundry goods based on surf culture coexist in this select shop. It’s a laid-back space where they play comfortable music and serve an original blend of coffee (300 yen) roasted by Hamasaki. The overall vibe is one of casual comfort, as if you were invited to the private house of the owner, Shoji Yasuda.

2810-2, Ko, Oaza Gunjibun, Miyazaki
TEL: 0985-56-7207
Open: 12:00 PM - 20:00
Closed: No scheduled holidays
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Taste this season’s best oysters, selected from all over the world, in front of the great wide ocean.

An oyster bar located by the Sea of Hyuga with a great view. The owner, Mr. Nagano, who became the first oyster-meister in Miyazaki, selects the season's best oysters from domestic and foreign markets. Raw, steamed, grilled, and fried...various cooking methods bring out the natural taste of oysters. A la carte options using local products such as steak of EMO beef grown in Seito city are also wonderful. 5 types of raw oysters (1,800 - 3,000 yen), sourced from waters all over the world. You can compare the taste of each different variety. Since oyster varieties are seasonal, the price changes depending on the season.

4710-13, Kaeda, Miyazaki
TEL: 0985-75-0673
Open: 11:00 - 14:00 (lunch), 14:00 - 16:00 (cafe), 18:00 - 22:00 (dinner)
Closed: Thursday
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A shrine on a mysterious island, particularly fortunate for couples.

Aoshima Shrine is located in the center of Aoshima Island. It is surrounded by wavy rocks called Oni-no-Sentaku-ita (Devil's washboard) and is designated as a special national treasure because of a forest of over 350 year-old subtropical trees. The shrine is dedicated for Yamasachihiko and his wife, and there are good luck services for matchmaking here and there based on their romantic episodes. Make a wish and try your luck here. The ema --boards painted with pPictures oforial offerings -- on the premises are must-see.

2-13-1, Aoshima, Miyazaki
TEL: 0985-65-1262
Open: 6:00 - Sunset, 5:30 - (March - October)
Closed: Open throughout the year
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At the castle town Obi, taste delicate Kaiseki.

A Japanese restaurant in Obi, where traditional buildings stand side by side. The restaurant opened at a renovated old house that is more than 100 years old. Only 3 groups are accepted during lunch time and 3 at dinner time in keeping with the thought "we want to serve dishes that can completely satisfy our guests”. After taking off your shoes at the entrance, you will find private spaces separated by fusuma sliding doors. You can savor Kaiseki made with local ingredients in the settled atmosphere of the restaurant.

Japanese restaurant Ichino
5-2-41, Obi, Nichinan
TEL: 0987-25-5551 (reservation required)
Open: 11:00 - 14:00, 17:00 - 22:00
Closed: No scheduled holidays
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A relaxing space with a warm atmosphere where you can travel as if you live there.

A roadside hotel renovated from an old spa inn. It includes three guest rooms styled with a European countryside concept. Each area was made by the owner, Takaya Kanma. Through TAGIRI DINING, which serves locally produced foods, and a souvenir shop which collaborates with creators living in Miyazaki, experience travel like you live there.

152, Ichiki, Kushima
TEL: 0987-77-0238
3 rooms, 5,940 yen~/ night, 2 persons/ room
Closed: Tuesday
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Sacred shrine standing in a cave on the side of a cliff.

Udo shrine is a sacred place where the goddess Toyotamahime gave birth. The red-painted main shrine is in the cave of Udozaki, and when you turn around, you can view the ocean through the approach to the shrine. The natural contrast always delights those who see it. A challenge for visitors are “luck balls.” If you can throw a ball into the turtle-shaped target stone, good luck will be your reward.

3232, Oaza Miyaura, Nichinan
TEL: 0987-29-1001
Open: 7:00 - 18:00 (6:00 - 19:00 from April to September)
Closed: Open throughout the year
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