Have a fantastic time floating on the water’s surface, looking up at the night sky.

Canoe tour (16,200 yen/ person) hosted by Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind in Tsurui Village. A canoe slowly advances on the water surface, which reflects a starry sky like the Milky Way. The calls of owls, deer and other wild animals, and rustling tree leaves makes the silent scenery more fantastic. The venue varies from time to time, but it takes place within the Kushiro and Akan areas. Makoto Ando, the owner and an excellent nature guide, selects the best location for that time of year.

Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind in Tsurui Village. You can feel the blessings of Mother Nature by sleeping soundly after viewing a starry sky and waking up with the sound of twittering birds all around.

A dining room with a woody interior. There is no TV or clock in the guest room by design. The hope is that guests can focus on the scent of wood and the warmth of the people, forgetting the mundane life.

Ando Makoto is a famous nature guide and also manages the Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind as the owner. He explains the role Kushiro Marshland plays in relation to humans and nature from various angles. He provides nature observation tours in spring, summer and autumn, and guides visitors in the World Heritage site Shiretoko, in addition to the Starry sky canoe tour mentioned above. He gives lectures on nature education across the country.

Kenta Mori is another guide of the lodge. He studied under Ando starting in 2015, and became a nature guide. He became fond of the winter scenery where wild animals live, as well as cooking, interior design, and music since he first visited Hickory Wind, and so he moved here to pursue these interests.

Starry sky canoe tour by Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind

14 North, Setsurigenya, Torii-mura, Akan, Hokkaido (The tour is held in Kushiro and Akan areas.)
TEL: 0154-64-2956 (Reservation required)
Period: Mid-June to October